Disaster Clean Up in Texas & Florida

LGT Disaster Services LLC can provide all aspects of disaster cleanup or environmental remediation. Our crews have years of experience cleanup up after hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, and flooding. We can provide hazardous tree removal, debris removal, debris reduction site management, and other areas of cleanup operations such as waterway clearance. Our project managers have worked to cleanup after storms such as Hurricane Erin, Hurricane Opal, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Michael, Hurricane Laura, Hurricane Sally, and more recently following Hurricane’s Ian and Idalia. Our capabilities allow us to cleanup areas from parks, to cities, to entire counties. Our managers have the experience to run cleanup operations following just about any size disaster. The next time your agency/city/county/state starts looking for a company to take care of their disaster cleanup needs, reach out to us!

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A bad storm can cause considerable damage to your yard and create a lot of waste! Don’t let it stress you out, and don’t put yourself at risk for injury attempting to prune trees and remove branches. At LGT Disaster Services LLC, we use the appropriate equipment and techniques that keep everyone safe while also getting the job done quickly.

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